Why We Created This Site

Thank you very much to everyone who has expressed interest in Chilli over the past 22 years. The thought has been greatly appreciated.

We originally started this project to honor Chilli, nothing more. Over the years, the site has evolved to include histories of some of our other cats that we’ve shared our life with.

I find I still think often of Chilli, Palouse, and Mohawk.

In January 2003, after thinking about everything I learned from Chilli, as well as experiences I’ve had with other animals such as cows, horses, and, to a lesser extent, dogs, I decided that I must become vegetarian. My experiences with Chilli taught me that we simply can not view these animals any differently than we view ourselves and therefore using animals as a food source while other sources of food exist is simply wrong.

While my intention behind this website is simply to honor Chilli and our other pets (and not to promote vegetarianism nor animal rights), I would hope that you come away with an increased respect and compassion for these creatures.